Measure and Set

Choose your wallpaper

Choosing a wallpaper design for you or your little ones is a fun and inspiring process that will quickly turn each room into a playful environment. All the wallpaper from the offer is made individually according to your wall. In doing so, we are happy to consult on the design of the wallpaper and adjust the motif of the wallpaper according to the dimensions of the wall to ensure that the design of the wallpaper motif is transferred to your ambience exactly as originally conceived. In order to choose the appropriate design and suitable size of wallpaper, it is important to follow a few basic, simple steps. Let's go in the order...

Select a wall

The first step is to choose a wall for your new wallpaper. Ideally, choose the wall on which enough light falls and which is located in the foreground of the room. In this way, the wallpaper will be best highlighted. Also, pay attention to your furniture, floor and surrounding items (doors/windows/...) and try to align the elements of the space with the new wallpaper design. For example - it will certainly look great if you choose the design of wallpaper with turquoise tones if you already have similar turquoise objects in the room. Although this is not a general rule, it is always good to pay attention to the entirespace, not just one wall when choosing a design.

Measure the wall

Measure the width and height of the wall on which you want to place the wallpaper. Take note of a few important notes to make sure your measures are accurate:

⇒ Measure the width of the wall horizontally from the edge to the edge of the wall and check the width at the floor and on the ceiling to make sure you measure the widest point (often the walls are not flat).

⇒ the height of the wall, measure thefrom floor to ceiling of the wall and check the height from the left and right sides of the wall to make sure you measure the highestpoint (often the walls are not flat).

◊ If you have a skirting the décor (which is not separated), measure to the skirting date and not to the floor.

Once these measures are ready, select the wallpaper from the offer and enter the wall measures. The calculator calculates the required square footage of the wallpaper and adjusts the price for the same.

Packaging and installation

Wallpaper is packed in cardboard rolls without glue for wallpaper. In addition to wallpaper, setup instructions are included that you can download and Here. You can set up wallpaper yourself but if you are not safe or ready for such a procedure and want to be sure of the correctness of the installation, we strongly advise you to seek the help of a professional upholstery.