Spring Fairytale


Spring has arrived and it's the perfect time to make changes to your surroundings. This spring we are helping you to enjoy not only the outdoors outside but also the warmth of your surroundings. The offer we have prepared is ideal for the beginning of this wonderful time during which not only nature but your walls are restored. At least if we're asked ...

To make it easier to choose, we have reduced all wallpapers by a short time 15%  to make it more accessible to you.

How does the thing work?
Easy - choose any wallpaper from our range, enter the desired wall dimensions and follow the shopping directions. The discount will be shown in the cart. To buy a product, simply follow the instructions.

And what would wallpaper look like on my wall?
If you have doubts about choosing a motif or fitting it into your surroundings, simply send us a picture of your wall and the name of the wallpaper. During the spring campaign, we send a free wallpaper of your choice for your space, free of charge. This leaves nothing to chance because you know exactly what to expect.


And that is it?
Yes! Simple - right? Of course, if you have any questions or tips when choosing, simply contact us via email contact  forms.