Use conditions

The terms of use apply to buyers - individuals who enter into a contract of sale remotely (online sale), and work in the market outside of their trade, commercial, craft or professional activities (hereinafter referred to as the buyer).

Craft Monicas Dreamhood, based in Vrapčanska ulica 212/4, 10090 Zagreb, Croatia, OIB: 1825688383, carries out its registered remote sales activities exclusively under these conditions. The buyer must accept these terms of sale if they decide to buy, and shortly before they make the purchase.

The conditions of the order

Products that can be purchased are displayed on the website "", and in addition to each product, data about the product specification, its price, delivery price, and other data are provided.

You can select the desired product by clicking on the“Add to cart " link.

The "shopping cart" contains all the products that the customer has chosen to buy along with the product price and delivery price and the total price. If the customer wants to continue the purchase, they select the " Buy " link, and the system automatically leads them to the personal data registration page. After registration of personal data, by clicking on the "continue" link, the client's system indicates the choice of delivery method. Selecting the delivery method the client's system switches to selecting the payment method. After selecting the payment method and clicking on the link ” complete the purchase", the customer has purchased products from the shopping cart and receives a confirmation of the purchase via email.

Monicas Dreamhood reserves the right to errors in product descriptions, photos, prices and specifications due to automatic entry of items into the system, as well as automatic order confirmation.


Product prices are retail. Product prices and delivery prices are expressed in Kuna. Monicas Dreamhood is not included in the VAT system, and all retail prices are displayed without them.

Monicas Dreamhood has the right to change prices without prior notice. In addition, Monicas Dreamhood has the right to specify discounts, daily or weekly actions, actions for a specific product, group of products and/or for all products at any time without prior notice.

Regardless of the previous clause in these General terms and conditions, all ordered products will be delivered at the prices that are valid when the offer is made or when the order is confirmed.


The buyer can pay for the purchased goods using payment cards or through a payment institution 2Checkout or on the way Paypal the system.

The payment is considered completed at the time when the payment provider receives authorization. For the exchange of confidential data between online payment systems and card house authorization centers, it is carried out using a network that is completely protected from unauthorized access.

Monicas Dreamhood is committed to protecting the privacy of data, including the personal information of all customers, and will act in accordance with the personal data protection act or other applicable legislation.


The delivery time of the ordered products is up to 30 working days.

Delivery is carried out on weekdays between 08: 00 and 20: 00 by Courier. If the courier on behalf of Monicas Dreamhood cannot deliver the product within 30 business days, the buyer has the right to refuse the purchase. The deadline begins when Monicas Dreamhood receives payment on the gyroscope account or authorizes credit card authorization. Saturday and Sunday are not included in the delivery period.

The delivery cost for the Croatian region is included in the product price and is not taken into account additionally.

The products will be Packed so that the usual handling in transport cannot be damaged. The customer will be contacted a couple of days before the scheduled delivery to agree on the exact delivery time by courier.

When transferring the purchased goods, the buyer must immediately inspect the goods in the presence of the courier who delivers the goods to him, to determine whether there is no significant damage caused by the manipulation of the goods during transportation, which can be reflected in the degree of correctness. If the buyer is on the eve of damage, the buyer must refuse to receive such shipment.

Subsequent complaints by a Monicas Dreamhood customer about visible product defects caused by handling in transportation will not be evaluated.

Termination of the agreement and refund

The buyer has the right to unilaterally request a return of the product within 30 days, counting from the date of loading the product. Return of goods may be requested in electronic form by e-mail request:

If the buyer submits a request for return via email, he shall indicate his name and surname, address, telephone number or email address, and specify the reasons for the return.

Monicas Dreamhood will notify the customer of the receipt of the email as soon as possible and will hold the request accountable.

Monicas Dreamhood will approve the return of the product in the following cases:

- the products received do not meet the ordered specifications (item, size, quantity, etc.)
- received goods are produced with defects (defects in thousands, surface damage, etc.)
- the received product is damaged during transport manipulation, as long as the condition of the outer packaging does not indicate defects
- the received product was not sent to the customer during the delivery period.

In the case of one or more justifiable reasons for a refund, Monicas Dreamhood responds affirmatively by email to the request for a return of the product.

In the case of the previous moment, the buyer undertakes to return the product sent by Monicas Dreamhood at his own expense, to the address of the headquarters: Vrapčanskom 212/4, 10090 Zagreb.

For a product that is returned, Monicas Dreamhood undertakes, within 14 days after it has approved the return of the item, and after receiving the returned item, to make a refund of the funds paid, including the shipping cost, if the buyer has not chosen a different type of delivery, and is more expensive than The standard cheapest monicas Dreamhood shipping method. Refund of paid funds is carried out in the same way that the customer made the payment. If the buyer agrees to another method of refund of the amount paid, the buyer it does not incur any costs compared to the refund.

The buyer must return the product without any delay and no later than 14 days after Monicas Dreamhood has approved the return of the product. If, when reviewing the returned product, it is found that the product is completely clean on all points, the buyer will be considered to have duly fulfilled its obligation to return. If the product is returned damaged, the buyer is not authorized to claim compensation for the completed payment due to failure to fulfill its obligations to return the product in an orderly manner.

The buyer, when making a return of the product, the product that it returns must be returned in its original packaging with all relevant details and its documentation, and any designation intended to indicate that the product has not been used or damaged must not be removed or damaged. In accordance with the law On protection of consumers ' rights the buyer is responsible for any decrease in the value of the goods resulting from handling of goods, except that it is necessary to determine the nature, characteristics and functionality of the merchandise.

Complaints and objections

Complaints and advertisements related to a product malfunction or defect are sent electronically via email:

Monicas Dreamhood will respond to the complaint as soon as possible and no later than 15 days from the date of receipt of the complaint, and immediately after receiving the complaint, the buyer will confirm that they have received the complaint.

Make complaints against hidden defects of the product

When, upon receipt of the product by the buyer, it is indicated that the product has some flaw that cannot be detected by a normal review when loading the product (hidden flaw), the buyer must, under threat of loss of the right to this flaw, notify 

Monicas Dreamhood without delay. After the expiration of the statutory period to emphasize objections due to hidden defects of the product, counting from the date of loading the product, the buyer loses the right to file a complaint due to a hidden defect. The buyer with the complaint must attach a bill of completed purchase of the product indicated in the complaint.

Monicas Dreamhood will respect a customer's complaint about a hidden flaw only if it is a factory error or product abnormalities that cannot be detected at boot. The customer loses the right to object due to a material defect on the product if the same one is installed, and this is due to a flaw that may be noticed before installation. The buyer is not entitled to compensation for collateral damage for the cost of installing and removing the embedded product, and this is due to a flaw that may be noticed prior to installation. 

Monicas Dreamhood will never respect a complaint when a customer points out a complaint about a hidden product defect if the product is included in violation of the profession's rules or manufacturer's instructions. Monicas Dreamhood will not object to improper overlap of a product sample that is installed, as it can only be achieved by improper installation or due to non-compliance with the manufacturer's instructions. To avoid any doubt, the buyer is responsible for checking the product before Assembly and stating that this is possible flaws can be detected before the setup itself.

Replacing the purchased product

Monicas Dreamhood may, in reasonable cases, if the product is not manufactured in accordance with the specific customer's specifications, allow the buyer to return the product and replace it with another product when the purchased product does not meet the customer's preferences, and such product must be in the original packaging with appropriate documentation. Approval for replacement products, Monicas Dreamhood evaluates specifically for each specific purchase case and based on its own assessment. One or more times a replacement is accepted with the customer or the other buyer will not be treated as a normal business practice for subsequent replacements or the usual unwritten practice of Monicas Dreamhood.


Monicas Dreamhood is not responsible to the customer for calculating the quantity, size, or installation recommendations.

Monicas Dreamhood is not responsible to the buyer for a smaller or larger number of purchased Wallpaper / murals or for incorrect product dimensions, given that Monicas Dreamhood does not provide official quantity calculations and does not take measures for the customer's space, nor does It give any advice on how to set or measure the required quantity or size of the product installed in the customer's facility. The buyer must provide all information about the quantity or size of the product and provide professional assistance to Monicas Dreamhood specify the exact quantity or size of the product you need. Calculations of the number or size of wall Wallpapers from the 'measure and install' section which is an integral part of this website serves as a guide when calculating. Monicas Dreamhood disclaims any liability arising from the maintenance of these guidelines and States that the responsibility for correct measurement and calculation is solely the responsibility of the customer.

Responsibility for the use of the website

Monicas Dreamhood indicates how the use of any part of the website and all its parts is considered that customers are familiar with these terms and any risks associated with the use of this website and agree to use the content of this website solely for personal use and at their own risk.

The customer can contact us by email if they suspect any errors or problems with the use of the service hello@monicasdreamhood.comto fix the same thing in the fastest way possible.


Monicas Dreamhood grants copyright to all its own materials (text, visual materials, databases). Unauthorized use of any part of the website without the permission of the copyright owner is considered a violation of the site's copyright and he's sued.

Amendments to the terms of use

Monicas Dreamhood reserves the right to modify these terms of use at any time and will not be liable for any possible consequences arising from such changes. 

Dispute resolution

Any disputes that may result from all Monicas Dreamhood merchandise purchase relationships, including disputes regarding the interpretation, application or enforcement of these General Terms and Conditions, Monicas Dreamhood and The Buyer will seek to resolve it peacefully.

If the disputes mentioned in the preceding paragraph of these General Terms and Conditions fail to be resolved by amicable way, the jurisdiction of the Municipal or Commercial Court in Zagreb shall be established.


For all information, praise, comments, complaints as well as any other notice shoppers can contact Monicas Dreamhood at:

  1. address: Monicas Dreamhood for services, vl. Monica Trzun Bosiljkov. Vrapčanska 212/4, 10090 Zagreb, Croatia
  2. Email:

Final provisions

These general terms and conditions shall enter into force on the date of publication, on 01.10.2019. Year.