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Transform space
Choose a wall-mounted design that will transform the room into a dream fairy tale in one go. In addition to creating a stunning visual effect, the wallpaper is characterized by both tactile and sound properties – smooth to the touch and absorbs sound better than walls. 

Unique design
Each wallpaper is made according to your dimensions. We take special care of the motif and try to align the overall solution with the exact dimensions of your wall. If you would like to refine some details on the wallpaper, feel free to contact us to fulfill your wishes and to obtain a product that fully meets your expectations.

Suitable for children, pets and the environment
The materials from which the wallpaper is made are suitable for placement in the rooms where your child and pets reside. When making wallpaper, materials of recycled origin are used while paints are used on a non-odour-free water base. This method of production makes them an environmentally friendly choice and also makes them safe to install in enclosed premises.

Easy setup
Depending on the dimensions, the wallpaper consists of several separate stripes that merge together to create an amazing whole. In the section measure and set, learn how to make the wallpaper setup correct. 

Order your wallpaper
To order this wallpaper, simply enter the dimensions you want and select and follow the instructions. If you need additional support, we are happy to advise you.

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