What are Mural Wallpapers?

First off, let's explain what a Mural Wallpaper is. Just imagine a huge image that is applied to a wall. That's a mural. Opposed to a pattern style wallpaper where each stripe repeats, Mural Wallpapers consist of stripes that do not repeat. Therefore, each Mural Wallpaper is strictly designed to fit the measurements of customers' walls.

How do you design them to measure?

There are two aspects that we take into account as we design your made to measure Wallpaper.

Wall form factor:
Each wall consists of its width and height. That's the starting point. Sometimes, walls have some slanted ceilings that need to be taken into account but they usually don't do any problems. At this point, made to measure means that all Wallpaper Motives are rearranged accordingly to perfectly fit the dimensions of your wall. The same design can not be applied to a narrow and wide wall. Our design team makes sure that our design fits your wall perfectly.

Wall specific objects:
Walls often have doors, windows, wardrobes, and other objects built-in, possibly obstructing important Wallpaper motives. Using our made to measure approach, together with our client, we easily define where such objects exist (or are planned in) and adjust the design in such a way that important motives do not get blocked out.

Motives are rearranged to make space for wall objects

By doing so, we guarantee that each Wallpaper tells exactly the story it is supposed to tell, and that our customers can be assured that they will get the product they loved on our website.

Try it out

Did you know that all you have to do to visualize any of our products is to send us an image of your wall? Try it out and discover how amazing your space can be transformed.