Brand new collection - vintage pattern

Here comes a brand new vintage collection, and it's all about patterns and architraves!

A new, emerging Wallpaper trend

A new ascending trend in home decor all over the world is the architrave, or simply, borders. And when we're talking about borders as an installation of wall paneling, while they might look stunning and something to aim for your next decoration project, installing them is not as easy as it might seem and you might have to hire a professional to do it properly. But there's an easier way!

So what do wallpapers have to do with architraves?

In one way, nothing - except they both are a wall decor.
On the other hand, a lot! Using Wallpapers that mimic the architrave look, you can spare yourself the job of installing real architraves. The process is so much easier, and the effect is simply gorgeous.

Yup, this is a wallpaper!

Also, if you are looking for a bit more 'pop' than the regular architrave design provides, you can choose a design that features the architrave in combination with a pattern above. This creates an even more distinct look for your space.

Back to Wallpaper basics

An additional trend that is heavily inspired by past times is based on delicate hand-drawn patterns.

If you love classic designs, then this one is for you - it comes in three different patterns, three different colors, and three different styles. We love combining it with the architrave, but hey, it's your wall and your choice!

Would you like to get a preview of how those designs could look like on your wall? Get in touch with us to get a free visualization!