• Measure width

    Measure the width of the wall. Repeat measurement on the highest and the lowest point as well to check if measures differ. If they do, use the largest measurement.

  • Measure height

    Measure the height of the wall from the floor to the ceiling. Repeat measurement on the left and the right point as well to check if measures differ. If they do, use the largest measurement.


Why do I need to measure my wall?

Dreamhood Wallpapers are made to measure, meaning your wallpapers design will be adjusted to fit your wall measures perfectly. Also, your measurements are used to calculate the price.

How precise do I need to measure?

We advise to stay within ~1cm tolerance. If in doubt, use the larger measure. Our team will add an extra few cm to your measurements to compensate for potential wall imperfections or installation inaccuracies that can be trimmed off after installation.

What about slanted ceilings or windows?

In most cases, if your wall has a moderately slanted ceiling, you still need to disregard it and measure based on the highest point of the wall. However, if the slant angle is significant, contact us to find the best solution for you.

Windows are calculated as wall area. In rare cases where the windows are taking a large portion of the wall (e.g. double glass doors with a slight wall overhang on top), it's possible to print out only a partial section of the wall to reduce waste. However, in such cases, it's best to consult with our team before ordering.

Regarding Wallpaper installation, slanted ceilings and windows do not cause any installation problems, however, keep in mind that they could knock-out certain motifs out of the Wallpaper. To avoid such unforeseen scenarios, it's best to consult and use our free visualization feature to get an exact idea of how the installed Wallpaper would look like.

What about electrical outlets and switches?

Usually any small objects like electrical outlets or light switches on can be disregarded as the Wallpaper is easily trimmed off around them. However, to make sure that they don't cover any important Wallpaper motifs, you can consult us and request a free vizualisation.


Discover your new wallpaper

To get an accurate impression of your new wallpaper in your room, you can request a free Wallpaper vizualisation.

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