Customise design

At Dreamhood Wallpapers, we believe that your space deserves a design that's as individual as you are. That's why all of our wallpaper designs are custom-made and editable, allowing you to create a truly bespoke look.


  • In contrast to pattern designs that can uniformly adorn a wall, custom mural designs require careful adjustments to suit specific wall dimensions and configurations. Variations in wall dimensions, the presence of doors, openings, or other architectural elements can potentially affect the design's integrity. To ensure that our custom mural designs achieve the intended aesthetic on any wall, we undertake a precise process of adapting each design to exact wall specifications.

    Our design team adjusts the selected wallpaper design to the specified wall dimensions, making necessary adaptations for a harmonious outcome. However, there are instances that require further attention, such as accommodating objects on the wall or addressing specific design preferences. This is where our design customization service plays a vital role.


  • When you choose our Customized Design service, we go the extra mile to ensure that your wallpaper fits your space perfectly.

    We don't simply crop the design to fit; our expert design team rearranges it meticulously, accounting for wall dimensions, openings like doors and windows, large furniture that may obstruct important aspects of the design, and even ceiling slants. The result is a wallpaper that looks as if it was tailor-made for your walls.


  • Our design adjustments go beyond just dimensions. If you have specific color preferences or wish to replace certain motifs to align with your personal taste, we're here to assist.

    Our Customized Design service supports you in fine-tuning every detail of your wallpaper, ensuring it perfectly complements your space.

  • During the design customization process, we provide you with a proof design. This allows you to see exactly how the end result will look in your space, giving you the confidence that your vision will be realized to perfection.

    Dreamhood Wallpapers' Customized Design service is your gateway to a world of tailored, one-of-a-kind wallpaper creations. We're here to make your dream design a reality, down to the finest detail. Let your walls tell your unique story with our custom-made and expertly adjusted wallpapers.