Viva Magenta - colour of the year 2023

Pantone recently announced colour of the year 2023 -  Viva Magenta.

Each year, the Pantone Institute combs the world looking for new color influences and highlights a color that embodies our global culture, expressing its state of mind and current trends.

Fot the year 2023, the color Viva Magenta has been highlighted, a shade described as a “crimson red tone that presents a balance between warm and cool.” It has been choosen mostly as it represents a “hybrid” shade that’s symbolic of our existence in the physical and digital world.

Magenta has always had its adoption as digital art and is often embodied on our Wallpapers as a shade that enwokes tranquility and optimism. Viva Magenta is brave, fearless, and a pulsating color whose exuberance promotes a joyous and optimistic celebration, writing a new narrative.

Pantone also clearly describes its usage in the interior design space: V
iva Magenta injects excitement and drama into home interiors, energizing any environment with its dynamic vibrancy. Imbued with vim and vigour, a nuanced crimson red that encourages self-expression, PANTONE 18-1750 Viva Magenta is suited to an array of different materials, textures, and surfaces. Invoking the spirit of nature, a carmine red that does not boldly dominate but instead creates a beguiling presence, whether introduced through a painted wall, art, accent furniture or home décor or acting as a bold accent in a pattern.

Viva Magenta is brave, fearless, and a pulsating color that upfilts any space with a dose of optimism.

Viva Magenta communicates power—but in an assertive, not aggressive way

You can go all in with this colour, or you can use few motifs - either way, you won’t go wrong by choosing Viva Magenta to colour up your world.

Viva Magenta can also be incorporated as a subtle, toned-down alternative to any space.

Our conclusion is that Viva Magenta is a color with which you will not go unnoticed in any way. Whether you decide to wear it or put it on the wall - it is a color that brings positivity and joy all around.